Andrew Fedorov

Ellies on Parade

Basking in the glory: Jake Silverstein, Jay Kirk, Amanda Kludt, Clara Jeffery, Sid Holt, David Haskell, Mitchell S. Jackson, Willa Bennett, Nicholas Carlson, Susan Chira, Jeffrey Goldberg, Meghan O’Rourke, Sophie Schmidt, Nicholas Thompson, Anna Wintour, David Remnick (who may want to rewatch On the Waterfront) and many, many more…

Loss & Ground

Marking new territory this week: Sam Sussman, Charlie Tyson, Nicholas Thompson, Charles Duhigg, Kate Myers, Joanna Coles, Frank McCourt (no, the other one), Vinson Cunningham, Rachel Tashjian, Willy Staley, Jia Tolentino, Jennifer Wilson, Miriam Gordis, and many, many more…

Families, Fiefdoms, and Feuds

In this installment of our series on media nepotism, we examine the children of the media beat (Wolffs, Aulettas, Carrs), multigenerational sagas (Hedermans, Cockburns, Roiphes, Marantz Henigs), family enterprises (Carters, Wenners, McCormacks), old intellectual dynasties (Podhoretzes, Kristols, Buckleys), and throw in one totally gratuitous mention of Olivia Wilde

Anthony Haden-Guest: When Magazines Were Young and Radical

A fixture of London and New York society for decades, the writer and late-blooming cartoonist reflects on his arrival into our strange new meme-driven visual media moment

A Master List of This Year’s Media Massacre Victims (Updated)

With a tsunami of job losses continuing to swamp the media industry, we’ve added more names to the list of those affected, including The Intercept, NowThis, Law360, Engadget, WAMU, and Vice, as well as cuts made late last year at Popular Science, Vox, The New Yorker, Wired, and The Washington Post

Swords & Aerostats

Holding their own this week: Dean Kissick, Roberta Smith, Alissa Wilkinson, Alex Brinkman-Young, Joe Bernstein, Madeleine Schwartz, Christopher Shay, Evan Hill, Matthew Zeitlin, Sam Frank, Lucy Sante, Sara Rafsky, Estelle Tang, Hira Ahmed, Maryam Adamu, Naib Mian, Zainab Shah, and many, many more…

Actors & Artists

On display this week: Erin Somers, Sarah Weinman, Colin Dickey, Kendall Storey, Gabriella Paiella, Sarah Leonard, Tara Isabella Burton, Peter Kingsley, James Marsden (not the actor), Jordan Castro, Nate Freeman, Mark Jacobson, Steve Earle, Steven Levy, Rachel Handler, Marc Tracy, Melissa Flashman and many, many more…

Midcentury Modern Media Nepotism

The rise of America into the great aberration of the 20th century transformed the media landscape. In this installment, we look at the families spawned by Time Inc. (Luces, Whites, Agees, and Fadimans), those who were part of the Bay Area counter-culture (Maria Streshinsky), the children of the Watergate generation (Tali Woodward, Jacob Bernstein, Ben Bradlee Jr.), a media power couple (Susan Glasser, Peter Baker, Theo Baker), and veterans of the new left (Marc Cooper, Natasha Vargas-Cooper)

Permanence & Ephemera

Carousing through the city: Talia Baiocchi, Amanda Kludt, Stephanie Wu, Brian and Jamie Stelter, Carolyn Ryan, Carl and Christine Bernstein, James B. Stewart, Jeffrey Toobin, Elena Kostyuchenko, Bela Shayevich, Matthew Shen Goodman and many, many more…

When Tina Met Harvey

The Fine Print’s first-ever podcast revisits Talk, the last great magazine launch of the 20th century, born of the unlikely pairing of star editor Tina Brown and blustering film mogul Harvey Weinstein

Podcast Transcript: The Rise and Fall of Tina Brown’s Talk

We dissect the premiere issue of Talk magazine, Tina Brown’s ill-fated collaboration with Harvey Weinstein, featuring a young Tucker Carlson profiling George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton talking about Monica Lewinsky, some very uncomfortable-looking Gwyneth Paltrow photos, and so much more. Lux editor-in-chief Sarah Leonard joins as our inaugural editor-critic and the magazine’s former staff, including Tina Brown and Rebecca Traister, recount the story of the issue’s creation.

The Sound and Fury of Media Softball

Congratulations to repeat champions Chartbeat, who doused the comeback hopes of former champs, The Wall Street Journal

Smiles and Teeth

Reveling through the fall: Christine Smallwood, Keith Gessen, Emily Gould, Jen Percy, Andrea Long Chu, Meredith Simonoff, Eric Simonoff, Kevin Lozano, Jianying Zha, Alec Ash, Howard French, Miranda July, David Byrne, Elif Batuman, Tavi Gevinson, Nicholas Thompson, Katie Drummond, Bill Wasik, Ben Mullin, Katia Bachko, Mark Allen and many, many more…

Fran Lebowitz’s Life in Print

How a consummate New York personality has been defined by the magazines — large, little, old, and short-lived — that have always surrounded her

Carbon Hustles, Byronic Travelogues, and Vampire Poetry

Get autumnal with works by Heidi Blake, Slightly Foxed, and Willem Dafoe

Con Men, Set Design, Extreme Novelty, and Marxist Poetry

This week, curl up with works by Sean Williams, Noah Gallagher Shannon, Sindhu Gnanasambandan, Abbey Lustgarten, and Kim Hendrickson

The Way We Print Now

Matt Mazar oversees one of the two offset press shifts at the Quad printing facility in Hartford, Wisconsin

Present and Past

Frenzying their way into fall: Lindsay Peoples, Max Tani, Charlotte Klein, Mark Stenberg, Angelina Chapin, Carl Swanson, David Haskell, Sonali Basak, Gay Talese, Michael Lewis, Rachel Kushner, Ethan Hawke, Christopher Beha, and many more…

Weird Reptile Editing, Tradwives, Glutted Snakes, and Slow Comedy

Sun yourself dry with works by Zach Baron, Gaby Del Valle, Maggie Freeman, and Joe Pera

Critical Distance, Pulp Fiction, Blatant Nonsense, and Fun at Parties

For this season of atonement, works by Vinson Cunningham, Joe Kloc, Devendra Banhart, and Andrew Norman Wilson

Praxis, Rutters, Dead Hedgehogs, and the Third Dimension

Enjoy the city’s best weather of the year with works by Ali Breland, Dan Xin Huang, Philip Larkin, and Film Forum

Dungeons & Dragons, Gisele Fetterman, Kyrgyzstan, and Fashion Week

We go back to school with works by Keri Blakinger, Anna Peele, EurasiaChat, and Rachel Comey

Gitmo, Class Privilege, Studs Terkel, and Tom Verlaine

There’s still time for some summer reading, with works by Elise Swain, Jesse Barron, Ben Welsh, and Dave Morse

Books, Orals, Sunken Rivulets, Garbled Architect Speak, and Missing Magazines

For your lumbering late-summer consideration, works by Dan Piepenbring, Anna Silman, Adlan Jackson, About Buildings + Cities, and the Brooklyn Public Library

An Elegy for Goings On About Town

The New Yorker’s decision to cut its venerable listings section from six pages to two “for budgetary reasons” eliminated a steady income for freelance critics and is part of the wider disappearance of once-thriving coverage of the city’s cultural life

True Crime, Family Ties, Poison, French Style, and Lost Donkeys

For your languid mid-August perusal, works by Rachel Monroe, Lucy Sexton and Joe Sexton, Elena Kostyuchenko, Nymphet Alumni, and Everett Ruess

You Can’t Make This Up

A publicist’s email snafu reveals the lax editorial standards — allowing sources to review copy before publication and writers to concoct fictional scenarios — at the Forbes contributor network and riles music journalists

The When and Now

Bobbing and weaving this week: Felix Salmon, Laurel Touby, Jon Fine, Jared Hohlt, Brian Stelter, Jesse Angelo, Megan McCarthy, Matt Levine, Jacob Weisberg, Drew Millard, Zach Sokol, Amy Rose Spiegel, Jeremy Gordon, Ben Widdicombe, Colleen Curtis, Lachlan Cartwright, Zackary Drucker, Mark Krotov, Lisa Borst, Sophia Stewart, and many more…

Trundling On

Contending and attending this week: Clea Conner, Nick Gillespie, Rob Long, Molly Jong-Fast, Reihan Salam, Mark Jacobson, David Hershkovits, Robbie Myers, Bill Tonelli, Gary Indiana, Tobi Haslett, Andrew Marzoni, Audrey Wollen, Dean Kissick, Rachel Tashjian, Matthew Linde, and many more…

It Takes a Village to Raise a Nepo Baby

Magazines may come and go, but their legacies of nepotism span generations. In this installment, we look at the families who have populated The New Yorker (the Fleischmanns, Whites, Lardners) and the children of other publications who became contributors (Anthony Bourdain, Evan Osnos, Antonia Hitchens), the children of The Paris Review (Sarah Koenig, Taylor Plimpton), and book world babies (Sam Sifton, David Grann, Molly Jong-Fast)

Ellies and Hors d’Oeuvres

Saluting the victors this week: Sid Holt, John ‘Rick’ MacArthur, Christopher Beha, Clara Jeffery, Jake Silverstein, John Thomason, Carl Swanson, Bill Wasik, Andrea Long Chu, David Haskell, Avery Trufelman, Jia Tolentino, ‘Asparagus Guy’ Dan Souza, Nathan Lump, Katherine Bagley, Jazmine Hughes, Rozina Ali, Rachel Tashjian, Emily Greenhouse, David Remnick, Joe Hagan, Tom Junod, Allison P. Davis, Nicholas Thompson, Jeffrey Goldberg, Adrienne LaFrance, Susan Chira, Brock Colyar, and many more…

A Compendium of Media Nepotism

In the first installment of a series, we look at the ways family connections have shaped journalism careers, from The New York Times’s Sulzberger clan (including current 5th-generation publisher A.G. Sulzberger), children of their newsroom employees (Clifton Truman Daniel, Ben Raines, Maggie Haberman, Emily Greenhouse), and the spawn of the rich and famous who take up journalism (Bill Keller, Joe Kahn, Nicolas Niarchos, Emily and Ben Dreyfuss)

Queues and Bones

Pressing their luck this week: Noah Hurowitz, Mike Hurowitz, Madeline Leung Coleman, Nolan Hicks, Nathan Tempey, Molly Osberg, Rick Paulas, Sean Lavery, Kiara Barrow, Rebecca Panovka, Jon Caramanica, Ross Barkan, Joanna Biggs, Alex Press, Rachel Poser, Saahil Desai, Andrew Eckholm, Nancy Ko, Edmund Lee, Kenneth Li, and many more…

Transits and Embarkations

Scaling new heights this week: Siddhartha Mahanta, Evan Hill, Arielle Angel, Elizabeth Bryant, Sophie Kleeman, Bob Bryan, Maggy Donaldson, Graham Starr, Josef Reyes, Susie Armitage, Bradley Hope, Tom Wright, Ellen Wong, a pair of Homeland Security agents “ready to party,” Loïc Gouzer, Josh Dean, Eric Kohn, Jasper Wang, Lucy Woods, and many more…

Late-Winter Dreams

Venturing out this week: Julia Black, Mitch Moxley, David Gauvey Herbert, Mallika Rao, Alex Pritz, Sam Sussman, Stuart Reid, Jill Filipovic, Kara Mavros, Michelle Legro, John Kilbane, Megan Greenwell, Claire Carusillo, Seyward Darby, Colin Dickey, Angela Serratore, Kate Daloz, and more…


Armie Hammer had a story to tell to exonerate him of sexual assault accusations; Graydon Carter’s Air Mail ran with it and billed it as the “fact-checked version of what happened”

Stoop and Cover

Treasure hunting with Pitchfork head of video Arjun Ram Srivatsa and Artnews senior writer Karen K. Ho

The First Time Matt Taibbi Named Something ‘Racket’

After years of dithering, the Substack star and Elon Musk collaborator chose a title for his subscription newsletter that was awfully familiar to the veterans of his aborted First Look Media venture

Arts and Graphs

On the town this week: Mangesh Hattikudur, Hillary Frey, Ashley Carman, Colin Stokes, Charlotte Klein, Kate Osborn, Foster Kamer, Costas Linos, Philip Bump, China Ziegenbein, Jen Doll, Dashiell Bennett, Sarah Yager, James Hamblin, Brian Feldman, Samantha Guff, Allie Jones, Kelly Connaboy, Leah Finnegan, Donie O’Sullivan, Josh Sternberg, Michelle Carney, Elle Reeve, Jeremy Greenfield and many more…

Let’s Play Penskopoly!

A little over a decade after wading into the Hollywood trades, automotive heir Jay Penske has mastered the art of buying distressed media properties and dominating once-thriving niches such as entertainment, music, fashion, and now (he hopes) fine arts.

Screen Tests

Ready for their close-ups: Taffy Brodesser-Akner, Archer Sylvan, Tom Junod, Seth Wickersham, Chris Heath, Ryan D’Agostino, Devin Gordon, Mark Byrne, Vanessa Grigoriadis, Reyhan Harmanci, Patrick Hoffman, Edgar, John Cook, Allison Benedikt, Raphaël Bourgois, Ben French, Noah Robischon, Rachael Savage, and more…

High Resolutions

Marking new beginnings: Scott Nover, Rebecca Fisher, Leanne Shapton, Colin Grant, Christopher Browning, Laura Marsh, and more…

Holiday Slide

Reveling this week: Hannah Zeavin, Alex Colston, Mark Krotov, Lisa Borst, Marco Roth, Lila Shapiro, Blair McClendon, Kay Gabriel, Hussein Omar, Alana Pockros, Medaya Ocher, Bela Shayevich, Matthieu Aikins, Jon Lindsey, Allie Rowbottom, and many more…

Season’s Fleeting

Making merry this week: Laurel Touby, Jon Fine, Christopher Bonanos, Michael Hirschorn, Allison Fass, Esther Dyson, Jennifer Saba, Katy Waldman, Kate Lindsay, Nick Catucci, Alec Meeker, Sam Eifling, Justin Peters, Alexa Mills, Nancy Einhart, Nestor Lara Baeza, Tommy Craggs, and many more…

In a Celebratory Mood

For science journalist Sabrina Imbler, a book launch isn’t just about worrying whether people will turn up at the Strand, a ritual of eating cheeses and gummies, and filing stories about mice penises — it’s a mindset

‘Make a Beautiful Magazine — Here’s Some Money’

Born out of a collision between China’s economic boom and a New York literary scene accustomed to skimpy budgets, the fate of short-lived Astra magazine came down to global economic forces far outside its editors’ control

Will Sam Bankman-Fried Show Up for Next Week’s DealBook Summit?

The fallen crypto mastermind was announced as a speaker at The New York Times’s conference weeks before his multi-billion-dollar empire crumbled, but he hasn’t been taken off the list for the event — yet

Catching the Light

Glimmering this week: Mangesh Hattikudur, Oz Woloshyn, Rowan Jacobsen, Joanna Coles, Glynnis MacNicol, Rachel Sklar, Michael Wolff, Foster Kamer, Leon Neyfakh, Mickey, Kate Osborn, Felix Salmon, Paul Greenberg, Kate Dwyer, Ben Mullin, Colin Stokes, A.J. Jacobs, Ryan Brown, Allie Rowbottom, Jon Lindsey, Brock Colyar, Delia Cai, Elizabeth Nicholas, Helen Holmes, Tyler Bainbridge, Terry Nguyen, Drew Ohringer, and many more…

Inside the Big Metrics Fight at Insider

A newsroom known for emphasizing traffic quotas for its writers, Insider is the center of a union battle to end the use of metrics to discipline journalists

A Very Close Reading

Representatives of former HBO head Chris Albrecht have been diligently monitoring coverage of Felix Gillette and John Koblin’s recent book about the rise and fall of the cable channel, leading to corrections and additions to a New York Times book review, a Bloomberg news article, and Dax Shepard’s podcast

Peaks and Bounds

Radiating this week: Benjamin Soloway, Malcolm Harris, Rebecca Panovka, Kiara Barrow, Lake Micah, Chloe Arnold, “bookstore guy,” Suzy Katz, Greta Rainbow, Thayer Anderson, Felix Gillette, John Koblin, Chris Rovzar, Joel Weber, Gilbert Cruz, Alexandra Jacobs, Sadie Stein, Ellen Pollock, Susan Berfield, Ashley Carman, Alexandra E. Petri, Chris Cohen, Devi Lockwood, Max Tani, Amy Padnani, Nicole Blades, and many more…

Taro and Mishi Take Manhattan

The charming tale of how two humble rats made it from Bed-Stuy to become New York magazine cover stars

The Bold and the Bountiful

Making the scene this week: Win McCormack, Molly Jong-Fast, Craig Newmark, Margaret Sullivan, Jeremy Peters, Michael Grynbaum, Shawn McCreesh, Brian Stelter, Jamie Stelter, Sarah Ellison, Carl Swanson, Noah Shachtman, Elizabeth Spiers, Kelli Korducki, Michael Calderone, Sophie Kleeman, Anup Kaphle, Michael Zelenko, Sophie Schmidt, Camille Bromley, Sarah Todd, Gabriel Boylan, Gideon Lewis-Kraus, Paul Ford, Clay Shirky, Leslye Davis, Charles Leerhsen, and many more…

Editing Among the Kamikaze Drones

The Village Ukraine editor Yaroslav Druziuk reflects on the irreality of pivoting a website that once chronicled Kyiv’s new bars and restaurants amidst Russia’s aerial siege of the city

Treks and Memorials

This week we follow the journeys of Dodai Stewart, Max Pearl, and Rick Paulas and check in with the manager of the Elizabeth Wurtzel estate sale

A New Life and New Editor-in-Chief for Popula

Tom Scocca, a veteran of Slate, Gawker, and Deadspin, is relaunching which began as a Civil cryptocurrency publishing experiment and has fresh support from Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive

Chaos and Raincoats

Making the scene this week: Victor Navasky, Jeet Heer, Chris Lehmann, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Richard Kim, Robert Boynton, D.D. Guttenplan, William Lewis, Kamal Ahmed, Matt Murray, Daisy Veerasingham, Jessica Coen, Nadja Spiegelman, Wayne Koestenbaum, Brontez Purnell, Julian Lucas, Jack Crosbie, Kara Mavros, and many more…

The Shrinking Roster of New York Times Subscriber-Only Newsletters

A little over a year after the opinion section brought on seven “new voices” — including Kara Swisher, Jay Caspian Kang, and Tressie McMillan Cottom — for the highly touted initiative, most have departed the project

Commitments and Dissents

Turning a page this week: Pat Kiernan, Blake Montgomery, Julia Black, Emily Stewart, Sara Morrison, Vladimir Sorokin, Max Lawton, Mark Krotov, Aaron Timms, Jennifer Wilson, Lisa Borst, John Maher, Andrew Eckholm, Natasha Lewis, Paul Berman, Deborah Meier, Christopher Shay, Sarah Jones, Ross Barkan, Sam Adler-Bell, and many more…

Lost and Found

Finding their place this week: Joe Hagan, Samantha Hunt, Valerie Ricordi, Nick Flynn, Mark Rozzo, Danny Hakim, Molly Jong-Fast, Joel Smith, Will Lawrence, Jessica Winter, Kiki, Noah Hurowitz and many more…

The Baffler Gets Buffeted by Masthead Turbulence

A string of departures including editor-in-chief Jonathon Sturgeon have left the little magazine rudderless, but publisher and benefactor Noah McCormack vows to carry on

All That Glitters

Shining bright this week: Deepti Kapoor, John Maher, Naheed Patel, Lizz Schumer, Nnenna Odeluga, Elizabeth Nicholas, Sarah McGrath, Jynne Dilling Martin, Ed Cara, Jim Spanfeller, Molly Taft, Arielle Angel, Lisa Levy, Daniel May, Rebecca Alter and many more…

Input Logs Off at Bustle Digital Group, While Mic Is Muted

After years of investing heavily in building a Culture & Innovation group, CEO Bryan Goldberg announced a reversal in strategy, shuttering the tech title and gutting the staff of the millennial news site

Championship Nights

Winning big this week: Marlon James, Dayna Tortorici, Mark Doten, Peter Terzian, Caleb Crain, Mark Greif, Allison Lorentzen, Tobi Haslett, Audrey Wollen, Clare Fentress, Leon Neyfakh, Alice Gregory, Deirdre Foley-Mendelssohn, Will Purcell, Randall Lane, Mark Davis, Rob Agueli, and many more…

The Art of Quotation in the Age of Automated Transcription

After smartphones made audio recording ubiquitous and A.I.-powered robots made transcribing fast and cheap, that most sacred element of news, the quote, is going through its most profound aesthetic and ethical transformation since the invention of the portable tape recorder

Engagements and Audiences

Going back to school this week: Wendy Lu, Andrew Soboeiro, Abigail Wise, William Mushen, Alex Barker, Adrienne Shih, Mark Jacobson, Noreen Malone, Christopher Bonanos, Kaitlyn Tiffany, Robbie Myers, Alex Vadukul, Jim Windolf, Kate Dwyer, Chris Crowley, Allison P. Davis and many more…

James Pogue on Making It as a Roving Dirtbag Reporter

In the Swing

On the town this week: James Yeh, Jacob and Rebecca Shamsian, the City Swingers, Billy Lennon, David Gendelman, Laura Marsh, David Marcus, Mark Yarm, Garance Franke-Ruta, Shruti Ravindran, Tom Kludt, David Taintor, and many more…

What Is Pamela Paul Thinking?

After struggling to get out of marketing, a brief and quarrelsome marriage to Bret Stephens, and ascending to one of publishing’s most powerful perches, the former editor of The New York Times Book Review made a confounding choice to jump head first into the fractious culture wars

Islands and Coasts

Making waves this week: David Bressler, Brittany Mehmedovic, Eddie Rice, Sophie Erickson, Simon van Zuylen-Wood, Liz Boyd, Joe DeLessio, Joshua Hunt, Christopher Hooks, and many more…

The Saga of Erin Overbey

The New Yorker’s library was once a central hub on the office grapevine; after its archive editor shone a light on the magazine’s historic lack of diversity and impugned top editor David Remnick, the institution’s whisper network turned on her.

Broken Windows and Lonely Pretzels

Dodging and weaving this week: Ben Goggin, Chris Miller, Taylor Lorenz, Nick Lichtenberg, Matt Lynch, Joe Coscarelli, Jayson Buford, Delia Cai, Chris Cox, Andrew Rice, Jay Bulger, Noah Hurowitz, and many more…

Bosses at Bat

Tagging up this week: John R. “Rick” MacArthur, David Remnick, Emily Stokes, Lake Micah, Ariel Schulman, Krithika Varagur, Charlie Lee, Elizabeth Bryant, Sophie Haigney, Matt Lynch, Hailey Gates, Tim Rohan, Natalie Meade, and many more…

Avast! Boats and Zines

Making waves this week: Olivia Kan-Sperling, Dean Kissick, Lily McInerny, Amalia Ulman, Andrew Norman Wilson, Ezra Marcus, Arjun Ram Srivatsa, Beckett Rosset, Jessie Kindig, Lisa Borst, Marco Roth, and many more…

Who Won BuzzFeed’s SPAC Debacle?

The company may be a poster child for the short-lived and ill-fated SPAC boomlet, the numbers of shares some executives hold means that sizeable windfalls are still within reach

At The New York Times, News Reads You!

When subscribers started seeing the option to see their “Story Portrait” on the footers of Times web pages, they found something quite similar to artist Brion Gysin’s newspaper cut-ups from 1959.

‘They Gave Us Basically Everything We Need to Be Writers, But Didn’t Give Us Any Kind of Business Help at All’

Last April, Substack committed $1 million to a program to give grants for local journalists to launch publications, but now that the funding has run out, most of the newsletters are no closer to being sustainable businesses, and some are shutting down

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Moving and shaking this week: Zain Khalid, Alexander Chee, Elena Saavedra Buckley, Peter Blackstock, Michael Ames, Nina Mesfin, Matt Sherrill, Marella Gayla, Joanna Biggs, Dan Oshinsky, and many more…

She Soldiers On

After chronicling and glorifying the mercenary ethos for nearly half a century, Soldier of Fortune founder Robert K. Brown has handed command over to longtime contributor Susan Katz Keating, the first woman to ever write for the magazine

Peals and Illuminations

Lighting up the social column this week: Rebecca Greenfield, Daniel Hurwitz, Laura Helmuth, Rebecca Traister, Bhaskar Sunkara, Amanda Kludt, Tom Bissell, Michael Tomasky, Taylor Lorenz, Charles Duhigg, Ben Smith, and many more…

It’s Rivalry Week

On deck this week: Susan Matthews, Emily Bazelon, Mark Joseph Stern, Seth Maxon, Hillary Frey, Steve Bloom, Matt “Skip” Kiebus, Damion DaCosta, Tim Rohan, Sophie Haigney, Zach Helfand, and many more…

The Party Hop Won’t Stop

On the town this week: Katy Tur, Tony Dokoupil, Rashida Jones, Lindsay Lerman, Madeline Cash, Mitch Moxley, Sophie Haigney, Magdalene Taylor, Lake Micah, Cat Marnell, Dean Kissick, Ben Goggin, Chris Miller, and many more…

Unit Chairs in the Hot Seat

So far this year, five heads of media unions in New York — a role they describe as like holding a second unpaid job that can give them a new perspective on the publications they work for — have quit their jobs

Let’s Play Ball!

Making moves this week: Deirdre Foley-Mendelssohn, Noah Hurowitz, Kermit Alayon, Joshua Pashman, David Haskell, Tirhakah Love, Choire Sicha, Mark Krotov, Lisa Borst, Jordan Castro, Honor Levy, and many more…

Love Comes Swiftly

Oh, the Hangovers We’ve Seen

Out and about this week: Jacob Shamisan, Jessica Pressler, Emily Palmer, Katie Drummond, Mitch Moxley, David Gauvey Herbert, Preya McMahon, Katie Gee Salibury, Sam Sussman, and more…

How The New Yorker’s Ukraine War Reporting Reaches Russians

Contributing writer Joshua Yaffa’s combat dispatches have found a second life in translation on Mediazona, an independent news outlet founded by members of Pussy Riot

The Wall Street Journal Tires of New York Times Poaching

According to recent departees and newsroom sources, editor-in-chief Matt Murray is increasingly frustrated by the steady of stream of losses to the expansionist Gray Lady

Podcasters Let Loose!

In the social column this week: Leon Neyfakh, Steven Phillips-Horst, Evan Hughes, Emily Blunt (sort of), Gideon Lewis-Kraus, Wesley Morris, perpetual party guest Matt Zeitlin, Elvia Wilk, and many more…

Pulitzer Prizes Come with a Surprise Inside

While awards stalwart New York Times won in three categories, the most unexpected award went to first-time winner Insider for illustrated reporting for a comic about Xinjiang internment camps

Party Politics

In the social column this week: Mari Cohen, Peter Beinart, Jonathan Cohen, Kathleen Peratis, Arielle Angel, Nora Caplan-Bricker, David Meyer, David Walsh, Jacob Pittman, Mark Egerman, and a mask maker on a first date with a poet

Offshoring Comes for Condé Nast’s Copy Editors

After a round of layoffs in New York last year, the publisher set up an English-language copy editing hub in Mexico City, leaving remaining employees fearful their jobs are next to be shipped across the border

Hooking Up with The Believer

After the literary magazine published its final issue and laid off its staff, a novel genre of content is now appearing on its website

The Organization Man

How Joseph Kahn spent nearly a quarter-century navigating the politics and pitfalls of the New York Times newsroom to rise from foreign correspondent to executive editor

Late Spring Is Coming

In this installment of our social column: Matthieu Aikins, Dean Baquet, Mark Yarm, Tina Brown, Leah Finnegan, Kim Kelly, Micah Uetricht, Jad Adumbrad, Molly Jong-Fast, and more…

A Young Man in a Hurry

Propelled by privilege, talent, and ambition, Joseph Kahn’s path to leading The New York Times ran through elite enclaves in Harvard and China where he fit in comfortably with the media’s future power elite

IT’S KAHN! New York Times Picks Next Executive Editor

Publisher A.G. Sulzberger announces that Joseph Kahn will succeed Dean Baquet

Making Sense of Vox Media’s New Org Chart

After years of growing through acquisitions, the publisher recently created a new tier of group publishers who oversee both editorial and business operations of its titles

It’s Gala Season! Plus, a Wedding and a Newborn

In this week’s social column: Nadja Spiegelman, Jackson Howard, Kay Gabriel, Betsy Sussler, Mitch Moxley, Joe Bernstein, Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, Kat Stoeffel, Adlai (but not Stevenson), and more…

Springing Forward

In this week’s edition of our social column: Rachel Seville Tashjian, Kira Brunner Don, Abby Rapoport, Jake Silverstein, Andrew Marzoni, Adriane Quinlan, YuJung Kim, and more!