Special Edition

A Master List of This Year’s Media Massacre Victims

We’re only 40 days into 2024 and already more than 500 journalists have lost their jobs. That’s an average of more than a dozen per day, every day so far this year. These are their names.

Editor’s note: Our Whirligig feature aims to be a comprehensive listing of media job moves, but with the crushing pace of job losses in journalism so far this year, it’s been tough to keep up. So, we went back and tried to create the most comprehensive list of people who have been laid off in 2024 that we could for this special edition. We wanted to recognize all those who have lost their jobs as well as create a single place with as complete a list as we can create as a resource for the media community. To that end, we’re offering this edition free and will be continuing to update this web version of the list. If we missed anyone, please email us at tips@thefineprintnyc.com.—G.S.

When we started gathering the names of people affected by the onslaught of media job cuts since January 1st, a complete list seemed within reach, but that turned out to be too optimistic. Having reached out to former staff, we have full lists of laid-off and bought-out editorial staffers for Pitchfork, TechCrunch, and, thanks to Politico, The Wall Street Journal’s Washington bureau.

Hillary Manning, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Times, which announced layoffs of 20 percent of its newsroom last month, or at least 115 people, noted that management and the paper’s guild had until February 22 to bargain over the technicalities of their mass layoffs. “That means that some people who were noticed for layoff may be reinstated, and others may leave through voluntary separation,” she said. “Because of that, the layoff process is dynamic up until it’s finalized.” But thanks to public announcements and former colleagues identifying each other, we were able to gather 66 names or over half the expected layoffs.

Time is said to have laid off about 30 staffers, but staffers have mostly not yet announced their layoffs on social media, updated their LinkedIns, or responded to requests for comment. At Sports Illustrated, some staffers were let go immediately, while others were given 90 days notice. We’ve listed the people who came out and said they were losing their jobs.

True to form, many former Business Insider staffers whom we asked to help fill out the list turned to a NewsGuild communications staffer, who sent along an irrelevant statement. Others were more helpful, and we gathered 31 names out of the 8 percent laid off, which some estimates place around 40 total layoffs. A group of Business Insider staffers in the U.K. are also “at risk of redundancy,” but because of local labor laws, it will take slightly longer to assess the consequences.

Former staffers of The Messenger, which shut down on January 31 and laid off hundreds of people it had hired in its year of existence without any severance, were uniformly helpful, but since they were locked out of Slack and their site was wiped, they were relying on their memories for names. “I wish I still had the staff list,” said former deputy editor-in-chief Michelle Gotthelf. Nevertheless, we have 203 names out of roughly 300 people who lost jobs at The Messenger.

Again, if you know of names we’ve missed, please send us an email at tips@thefineprintnyc.com, and we’ll add them here.

The following people have been told since January 1, 2024, that they will no longer have a job.

Allison Hussey Staff Writer
Amy Phillips Executive Editor
Evan Minsker News Director
Hattie Lindert Associate Staff Writer
Jill Mapes Features Editor
Marc Hogan Senior Staff Writer
Maria Eberhart Executive Editorial Assistant
Marina Kozak Design Director
Matthew Ismael Ruiz Associate Staff Writer
Puja Patel Editor-in-Chief
Ryan Dombal Features Editor
Sam Sodomsky Associate Editor


Dan Gartland SI:AM Newsletter Writer
Emma Baccellieri Staff Writer
Mike McDaniel News Writer
Mitch Goldich Writer and Senior NFL Editor
Wilton C. Jackson Writer


Alejandra Molina Reporter for Latino Initiatives
Alexandra Petri Trends and Breaking News Staff Writer
Andrew Greif Clippers Beat Writer
Angel Rodriguez General Manager for Latino Initiatives
Angie Jaime Head of Creator Content for 404
Ashley Lee Staff Reporter
Boris Kachka Books Editor
Brian Contreras Technology Reporter
Brian Merchant Technology Columnist
Carly Olson Business Reporter
Carlos De Loera Reporter
Chelsea Hylton Reporter for De Los
Christian Martinez Metro Breaking News Reporter
Christian Orozco Assistant Editor for De Los
Cody Long Video Journalist
Courtney Subramanian White House Staff Writer
Craig Marks Music Editor
Diego Medrano Video Editor
Erik Himmelsbach-Weinstein Senior Video Director
Erin B. Logan Staff Writer Covering Congress
Emily St. Martin Entertainment Reporter on the Fast Break Desk
Gabriel San Román Metro Reporter
Gary Coronado Photographer
J.R. Lizarraga Video Journalist
Jackeline Luna Senior Producer for Video Series
Jack Herrera National Correspondent
James Rainey Staff Writer
Jay Clendenin Photographer
Jean Guerrero Opinion Columnist
Jeff Bercovici Business Editor
J. Clara Chan Company Town Reporter
Jeong Park Asian American Communities Reporter
Jeremy Childs Night Reporter on the Fast Break Desk
Jessica Chen Video Journalist
Jen Yamato Film Reporter
Jonah Valdez Staff Writer
Julia Carmel Travel and West Coast Experiences Staff Writer
Kenan Draughorne Reporter
Kimbriell Kelly Assistant Managing Editor and Washington Bureau Chief
Laura Blasey Multiplatform Editor for Newsletters
Leila Miller Mexico City Based Foreign Correspondent
Lila Seidman West Coast Experiences Reporter
Lindsay Blakely Deputy Business Editor
Lucas Kwan Peterson Food Columnist
Luis Sinco Photographer
Mariah Tauger Photographer
Marina Watanabe Content Creator for 404
Marissa Evans Health and Culture Reporter
Maggie Beidelman Senior Video Director
Myung J. Chun Photographer
Nick Baumann Deputy D.C. Bureau Chief
Paul Feldman Assistant Foreign Editor
Reed Johnson Editor of Los Angeles Times en Español
Sarah Parvini Video Games Industry Staff Writer
Sarah Valenzuela Angels Beat Writer
Steven Vargas Arts Reporter
Steve Saldivar Video Journalist
Suzy Exposito Culture Columnist
Wally Skalij Photographer
Yadira Flores Video Editor


Alejandro de la Garza Staff Writer
Brian Seto McGrath Senior Story Editor for Time for Kids
Haley Weiss Reporter
Laura Zornosa Reporter
Mini Racker Staff Writer



Alison Brower LA Bureau Chief
Andrew Leung Assistant Managing Editor for Business and Service
Charise Frazier Weekend Life Editor
Chloé Pantazi-Wolber Deputy Executive Editor
Christina Cardona Managing Producer
Dennis Green Senior Editor
Diamond Naga Siu Senior Reporter, Newsletter Writer
Emily Hochberg Senior Travel Editor
Gloria Dawson Deputy Editor, Retail
Grace Goodwin Reporter
Jennifer Ortakales Dawkins Senior Reporter
Josée Rose Executive Editor, Business
Julie Gerstein Executive Editor, Formerly: Singapore Bureau Chief
Kieran Press-Reynolds Reporter, Digital Culture
Kirsten Acuna Correspondent, Entertainment
Leah Rosenbaum Senior Editor, Health
Libby Torres Reporter, Entertainment
Megan Willett-Wei Executive Editor for Lifestyle
Meline Rosales Video Producer
Rachel Slack Producer
Rebecca Harrington Executive News Editor
Sara Khan Senior Producer
Stephanie Hallett Deputy Editor, Special Projects
Tanya Chen Digital Culture Editor / Senior Reporter
Tekendra Parmar Tech Features Editor
Trisha Gopal Senior Editor, Voices of Color
William Antonelli Tech Reporter
Yoonji Han Voices of Color Reporter
Zachary Tracer Deputy Editor for Investigations
Zoe Rosenberg Editor, Real Estate


Catherine Shu Senior Reporter
Darrell Etherington Managing Editor
Harri Weber Senior Writer
Matt Burns Managing Editor
Morgan Sung Senior Writer


Aaron Parsley Crime and Human Interest Senior News Editor
Adam Klasfeld Senior Legal Correspondent
Adam Kovac Breaking Science and Technology News Reporter
Adam Ronis Fantasy Sports and Betting Writer
Adrian Carrasquillo National Political Reporter
Aishwarya Nag Choudhury Social Media Manager
Al Lewis Breaking News and Markets Reporter
Alec Dent Breaking Politics News Reporter
Alex Azzi Senior Editor, Women’s Sports
Alex Coles Video Producer/Motion Designer
Amanda Bell TV Editor
Amanda Retotar Deputy Photo Director
Amanda Williams Celebrity Culture and Breaking Entertainment News Senior Reporter
Amie Parnes Chief White House Correspondent
Amy Eisinger Health and Wellness Vertical Lead Editor
Andrew Julian Senior Breaking/Trending Sports Editor
Andrew Liszewski Senior Consumer Technology Reporter
Aneeta Mathur-Ashton Political Breaking News Reporter
Ann Butler News Editor
Anntaninna Biondo Photo Editor
Arash Markazi Senior Sports Writer
Audrey McNamara Breaking News Editor
Aysha Qamar General Assignment Reporter
Ben Feuerherd Federal and State Courts Senior Reporter
Ben Kesslen Reporter
Ben White Chief Wall Street Correspondent
Benjamin Powers Technology Policy and AI Reporter
Blake Harper General Assignment Reporter
Brad Bosserman Head of Corporate Partnerships
Bree Linville Graphic Designer
Brianna Burke Senior Video Producer/Editor
Bridget O’Brian Business Breaking News Editor
Brinley Hineman General Assignment Reporter
Brody Brown Entertainment Director
Brooke Seipel Senior Director for Content
Bruce Gil Business Breaking News Reporter
Bruce Golding Senior Reporter
Cameron Hood Head of Newsletters
Carina Francisco Senior Video Producer
Carley Welch General Assignment Reporter
Carlo Versano Breaking and General News Editor
Cassie Burge Video Producer
Charlotte Phillipp Entertainment News Writer
Charlotte Walsh Reality Television Writer
Charmaine Patterson Entertainment Breaking News Writer
Chris Harris Breaking News Reporter
Chris Mcqureerir Operations Manager
Christian Berthelsen Financial Investigations Reporter
Christina Dugan Ramirez Entertainment Breaking News Senior Writer
Christopher Gavin Breaking News Reporter
Ciro Scotti Business Editor
Claire Helen Cameron Deputy Editor for Science and Technology
Craig Rosen Entertainment Editor and Writer
Dan Gooding Breaking News Reporter
Dan Kaufman Head of Sports
Dan Merica National Political Reporter
Dan Wakeford Editor-in-Chief
Daniel Trainor Breaking Entertainment News Writer
Daniela Perez Football Staff Editor and Writer
Darren Samuelsohn Politics and Law Senior Editor
Dave Levitan Climate Reporter
Dave Smith Deputy Editor for Homepage and Story Production
David M. Ewalt Science and Technology Editor
Dawn Kopecki Deputy Business and Finance Editor
Deola Adeosun Breaking News Editor
Derek Lawrence Film Senior Writer
Eboni Boykin-Patterson Entertainment Writer
Elaine Aradillas Senior Crime Reporter
Eli Walsh Breaking News Reporter
Elizabeth Rosner Senior Reporter
Elizabeth Urban General Assignment Reporter
Emma Loewenthal Social Media Manager
Eric Geller Senior Digital Security Reporter
Eva Surovell Breaking Politics News Reporter
Frances Shirley Video Journalist
Gary Gramling Senior Sports Editor
Geoff Rowland Breaking News Editor
Glenn Garner Entertainment News Senior Writer
Hallie Steiner Head of Social Video
Hank Shteamer Music Editor
Hannah Murphy Health Reporter
Hannah Yasharoff Health and Wellness Reporter
Helen Reis Personal Finance Senior Editor
Ilana Karp Social Video Producer
JD Knapp West Coast Entertainment Breaking News Editor
Jackie Snow AI Business Reporter
Jackson Thompson Sports Reporter
James LaPorta National Security Reporter
Jason Hahn Reporter
Javon Edmonds Breaking Sports News Reporter
Jef Castro Assistant Photo Director
Jeff Goodman Senior Basketball Insider
Jenna Fanelli Editorial Assistant
Jenna Sundel General Assignment Reporter
Jensen Rubinstein Social Media Editor
Jeremy Max Video Producer and Editor
Jessica Campisi Content Strategist
Jodi Guerrero Social Media Manager
Jody Serrano Tech Reporter
Jon Scher Assistant Managing Editor for Talent Development and Special Projects (Sports)
Jonathan Lambert Science Reporter
Jordan Bluth Video Producer
Jordan Hoffman Senior Movie Writer and Critic
Joseph Ruddleston Senior Video Producer
Joshua Chavers Head of Social
Julia Gray Entertainment Writer
Juliana Pignataro Breaking News Chief
Justin Bachman Senior Reporter
Kaelen Jones NFL and College Football Staff Writer
Kara King Senior Producer
Kari Anderson Breaking Sports News Reporter
Katherine Esters Writer
Kathleen Howley Personal Finance Reporter
Kayla Gallagher Breaking Politics News Reporter
Khaya Himmelman Politics and Abortion Policy Reporter
Lanae Brody Entertainment Editor
Lauren Morello Deputy Politics Editor
Lauren Morgan Head of Visuals
Lauren Piester Writer
Liam Mathews Evergreen Entertainment Editor
Liana Greenway Senior Social/Audience Development Manager
Lily Meier Junior Reporter
Lindsey McPherson Congress Reporter
Luke Funk Breaking News Reporter
Lulu Kline Video Producer
Lynnley Browning Wealth Editor
Madeline Fitzgerald Breaking News Reporter
Mansur Shaheen Breaking Health News Editor
Marc Caputo National Political Reporter
Margaret Weaver Deputy West Coast Editor
Mariana Labbate Breakings Politics News Reporter
Martin Kady Politics Editor
Mary Ann Akers Congress Editor
Matt Gagne Sports Senior Editor for Basketball and Baseball
Matt Holt Politics Reporter
Max Rego Breaking Sports News Reporter
Megan McCarthy Breaking News Editor
Megan Vick Senior Entertainment Writer
Meghann Morhardt Breaking Sports News Reporter
Michael Gioia Head of Breaking Entertainment News
Michael Major Entertainment Writer
Michael Miller Movies Editor
Michael Zennie Managing Editor for News
Michelle Ehrhardt Consumer Tech Editor
Michelle Gotthelf Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Mike Renner NFL Draft Analyst
Mike Tanier NFL Writer
Mike Vulpo Senior Entertainment Breaking News Writer
Mónica Marie Zorrilla Entertainment Reporter
Monica Mendoza Producer
Monique Merrill General Assignment Reporter
Neetzan Zimmerman Chief Growth Officer
Neil Paine Senior Editor for Sports Data and Innovation
Neil Sloane News Director
Nick Gallagher General Assignment Reporter
Nicole Gaudiano White House Reporter
Niharika Acharya General Manager, Events
Noa Wollstein Video Producer
Noelene Clark Head of TV Coverage
Nolan D. McCaskill Congressional Reporter
Olivia Jakiel Entertainment News Writer
Patrick Cooley Agriculture and Food Breaking News Reporter
Perry Chiaramonte Breaking News Editor
Peter S. Green Global Affairs Writer
Pilar Belendez-DeSha Senior Producer
Rachel Askinasi Food Reporter
Rebecca Morin White House Reporter
Regan Huston Senior Social Media Manager
Richard Leiby National Politics and Enterprise Senior Editor
Richard Teitelbaum Senior Enterprise Reporter
Richie Hertzberg Director of Video
Rina Raphael Wellness Editor
Rocio Fabbro Business Breaking News Reporter
Ryan Nanni College Football Staff Writer
Ryan Parker Night News Editor
Safia Samee Ali National Rights and Legal Affairs Reporter
Sasha Jones Real Estate/Business Reporter
Scott McDonald Breaking News Reporter
Seth Davis Senior Writer for Basketball
Sheila Baylis Senior Health and Wellness Features Writer
Sherin Shibu Senior Reporter
Shishira Sreenivas Senior Health Writer
Shyla Watson Entertainment Editor
Sinobia Aiden Social Media Manager
Sophie Tatum Political Reporter
Stephanie Murray Politics Reporter
Stephen Neukam Congressional Reporter
Steve Helling Senior Crime Reporter
Tanita Gaither Managing Editor of Audience
Taylor Gehrcke Director of Events
Taylor Henderson Music Reporter
Thea Glassman Movies Writer
Tom LoBianco Politics Reporter
Tom Lowry Senior Editor for Business
Tristan Balagtas Breaking News Reporter
Trone L. Dowd Technology/Games Industry Reporter
Victoria Siwek Social Media Manager
Warren Rojas Politics Reporter
Wendy Geller Entertainment Breaking News Editor and Writer
Will Veale News Editor
Yanise Cabrera Senior Social Producer
Yelena Dzhanova Reporter and Curator
Zachary Leeman General Assignment Reporter
Zachary Rogers General Assignment Reporter

Andrew Ackerman Economics Reporter
Amara Omeokwe Economics Reporter
Austen Hufford U.S. Manufacturing Industry Reporter
Brody Mullins Investigative Reporter
Charles Hutzler Senior News Editor
Daniel Nasaw Washington Bureau Editor
David Harrison U.S. Economy and Federal Reserve Reporter
Emily Stephenson Deputy Politics Editor
Eric Morath Economics News Editor
Gabriel T. Rubin National Economics Reporter
Gwynn Guilford Economics Reporter
Harriet Torry U.S. Economy Reporter
James Graff Justice and Judiciary Editor
Jeanne Cummings Washington Deputy Bureau Chief
Jeffrey Sparshott Real Time Economics Newsletter Curator, Writer, and Editor
John D. McKinnon Technology Policy Reporter
Josh Zumbrun The Numbers Columnist
Julie Bykowicz National Political Reporter
Kate O’Keeffe U.S.-China Reporter
Kristina Peterson Food and Agriculture Policy Reporter
Mark Anderson Deputy Economics Editor
Miguel Gonzalez Jr. Politics & Policy Newsletter Editor
Nell Henderson Editor of Global Coverage of Central Banks
Peter Wonacott Deputy Chief for Washington Coverage
Ryan Tracy Technology Policy Reporter
Ted Mann Staff Reporter
Troy McCullough Washington Bureau News Editor
Will Mauldin State Department and Foreign Policy Reporter
Yuka Hayashi Trade and International Economy Reporter