Sophie Krichevsky

What Is Pamela Paul Thinking?

After struggling to get out of marketing, a brief and quarrelsome marriage to Bret Stephens, and ascending to one of publishing’s most powerful perches, the former editor of The New York Times Book Review made a confounding choice to jump head first into the fractious culture wars

Among the Betas: Unpacking the New York Times Audio App

After a string of early breathtaking successes, the New York Times audio department — like its audio app — seems to be struggling to find its place in the subscription bundle 

The Influential Rise and Fated Fall of Entertainment Weekly

How a magazine that pre-dated video streaming, smartphones, and the internet helped create an entertainment media landscape where it could no longer survive

Unions Target Newsroom Metrics and Quotas

Sports Illustrated’s union became the first to ratify a contract forbidding the use of traffic stats to discipline journalists. Unions at BuzzFeed News and Time are pushing for similar terms.