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And the Winner of the Betting Pool Is…

Congratulations to Wesley Lowery for successfully wagering on Joseph Kahn being named The New York Times executive editor

Kesha Crashes the Ghost of Gawker Legal Battle

A recent ruling in the legal battle between the pop singer and music producer Dr. Luke has undercut The Daily Beast’s motion to dismiss Carson Griffith’s defamation claim

All Over But the Managing Editor Decision

Joseph Kahn is looking like a lock to be The New York Times’s next executive editor. But who will be his second-in-command and potential successor?

Scratch One from the Betting Pool

Our A.G. AI 3000 was just as shocked as The New York Times masthead to learn that Ben Smith was departing the paper.

Lump of Coal Arrives for White House Reporters Picked for Christmas Pool Duty

The December rotation for the White House In-Town Pool was announced on the first of the month, which means political reporters learned who would have to include monitoring President Biden’s whereabout in their holiday plans.

The End of the Race May Be Near, Per the Wisdom of the Pool

We’re temporarily turning away from the question of “Who will be the next executive editor of The Times?” and focusing instead on “When will the person who succeeds Dean Baquet be announced?”

Please Allow Our AI to Introduce Itself

This week’s big odds moves in our NYT Succession Betting Pool were at the bottom of the table.

The Second Tier Tightens; a Polgreen Longshot Surge

The competition to be the leading not-Kahn contender only got stiffer in the second week of wagering in The Fine Print’s NYT Succession Betting Pool

Kahn Cools, Ryan Rises After a First Week of Wagering

After a week worth’s of betting, our quants’ neural network has spit out a new set of odds on who will be selected as the next executive editor of The New York Times

Place Your New York Times Succession Bets

We’ve set the odds on who will be named the next New York Times executive editor; now it’s your turn to get in on the action