Julia Black

Perpetual Frailty and the Ever Shrinking Internet

Recent image purges at BuzzFeed and G/O Media serve as reminders of the challenges of creating a cultural legacy in a medium designed for disposability

The Ghost of Gawker Past

BDG’s first attempt to relaunch Gawker was aborted in 2019, but a defamation suit filed by its editorial director, Carson Griffith, against The Daily Beast lives on

Union Spirit Erupts in New York Times Newsroom

A last-minute contract negotiation cancellation by management on Monday sparked an outpouring from one of New York City’s oldest editorial guilds, even among “the longtime traditionalists”

TL;DR Axios Wants to Change the Way the World Writes

A professional service for corporate clients is meant to help communications professionals — and the rest of us — think in bullet points and creative bolding

What Is the New York Times Audio App For?

Details about what the new service is — or why they are creating it in the first place — are murky. Perhaps that’s the point.

How Amazon Ate Service Journalism

Tethered to the whims of a tech behemoth, product recommendations are looking less like editorial and more like e-commerce marketing

How a Viral Feature is Made

Robert Kolker and his editor Raha Naddaf explain how The New York Times Magazine‘s longform sensation “Who’s the Bad Art Friend?” came to be

The Case of the Vanishing Job Offer at Rolling Stone

After two years of wondering, a writer learns why a staff position she had accepted was abruptly rescinded

Merchandising, Not Magazines

To find the business logic behind Barry Diller’s IAC buying Meredith Corp., follow the e-commerce trail

A Twist of Fortune

Alyson Shontell is not only the first woman to edit the storied business title but also represents a generational changing of the guard.

The Shadow Editors of Substack

A small army of underpaid editors is quietly lurking behind the scenes of the newsletter platform dedicated to ‘writer autonomy’

After a Fractious Election, Will the WGA East Un-Pause Newsroom Organizing?

A divided WGAE Council meets next on October 7

When the Journalist Is the Story

Following the cue of podcasts and film adaptations, feature writers (and their editors!) are lately making more cameos in compelling longform yarns

There’s No Accounting for Genius

The rap lyric site has been acquired in an $80 million fire sale, resulting in layoffs and worthless employee stock options