Gabriel Snyder

No, The New York Times Should Not Bring Back the Public Editor

As previously designed, the position was more likely to set up the person in it for failure than success. That may have even been the point.

‘Journalist’ and ‘Influencer’ Are Different Jobs

Everyone would probably be better off if they agreed at the get-go that being a journalist and being an influencer are two different jobs.

Don’t Equate Anti-Cancel Culture With Promoting Free Speech

Those most concerned about people feeling too shamed and shunned to speak show little curiosity about what holds people back from speaking out and the not-so-distant history when broadcasting an opinion in public was reserved for a privileged elite.

Why Isn’t The Fine Print on Substack?

Here are the three reasons why we decided against using Substack — and a response from Substack co-founder Hamish McKenzie on why we should reconsider

Introducing a Discount for Underpaid Media Workers

The biggest challenge of building a subscription business for New York media workers has been the profound income inequality in this industry.

The Quest to Overturn Actual Malice

Worries that Sarah Palin’s defamation case against The New York Times stems from calls by conservative judges — notably Justice Clarence Thomas — to make it easier for public officials to win libel suits against journalists.

Sarah Palin, James Bennet, and The Atlantic Wire

After following this case for nearly five years, I was entirely unaware until this past week that a news site I edited played any role in it

Announcing Our New Name… The Fine Print!

The name may be new, but the mission remains the same: deliver media reporting about New York City you can’t read anywhere else

The New York Times Subscription Strategy Is No Longer About The New York Times

The deal to buy The Athletic seems to signal a significant change in the company’s thinking about who it thinks its future subscription customers will be

The Smiths’ Challenge: A Great Ad Sales Pitch in Search of an Editorial Product

Justin Smith and Ben Smith’s announcement brings back memories of the promise — and pitfalls — of an earlier global media startup. Plus: a digest of our best reporting from the last week.

The Ghost of Gawker Past

BDG’s first attempt to relaunch Gawker was aborted in 2019, but a defamation suit filed by its editorial director, Carson Griffith, against The Daily Beast lives on

A Betting Guide to New York Times Succession

Speculating about who will be picked as the next executive editor is the media's favorite pastime