Sara Krolewski

Carina del Valle Schorske and the Precarity of the Careful Critic

This is the second year the recent National Magazine Award winner for her work in The New York Times Magazine has made her living as a writer. “I find that thrilling as a fact about my life,” she says, “but it’s also quite frightening.”

After Resigning, Jami Floyd Plans to Sue WNYC for Discrimination

New York Public Radio has retracted more than 45 stories written by the former director of its Race and Justice Unit for plagiarism

WNYC Staffer Resigns Following Retractions for Plagiarism

Jami Floyd, director of the the public radio station’s Race and Justice Unit, was the author of 45 stories that were removed from the web last Friday

How the GMG Union Plotted a Course Through Turbulence

Now working for G/O Media, its third owner in six years, the union that kicked off the digital media unionizing wave is demonstrating the value of collective bargaining agreements in a precarious industry

Toeing the Party Line with The Drift

The little magazine of the moment takes Manhattan, filling the ballroom of The Jane Hotel with Brooklyn literary types, bloggers, publicists, and sheepish tech workers excited to be out somewhere

Back to Fashion at The New York Times’s Style Section

Stella Bugbee’s Style section has tacked towards the kind of runway coverage and clothing reviews that her predecessor Choire Sicha once eschewed

G/O Media Goes Out on Strike

GMG Union, originally the Gawker Media Union, has gone through three owners since it became the first New York digital outlet to organize in 2015, setting off a media unionizing wave

What Is Substack For?

As the first wave of Substack Pro deals expire, which writers thrive on the email newsletter platform and which ones struggle is coming into focus

On the Front Lines of an Insurrection

Covering right-wing extremist violence is creating a generation of a new kind of combat journalist who is at risk both on and off the field

A Field Guide to Byline Doppelgängers

Similarly named journalists can be confusing. We’re here to help.

The New Yorker’s Long Battle Over Long Covid

An organized and vocal online community of Covid sufferers made criticism of a piece they viewed as too skeptical a cause of it own